Above photo:  Sea scape from the Rings Of Kerry, Ireland

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  John Kelley   I've played music since my mother sat me down to the piano at the age of 4 and until the age of 40, when Dee (my darlin' wife) arranged our trip to Ireland in 1995, knew very little if anything of Irish music.  Being fourth generation Irish-American, I grew up very American and little was made of the Irish heritage within my family. Dee knew that as I grew older my yearning to learn more of my Irish heritage became increasingly intense, thus the trip to Ireland. You may find this difficult to believe but the entire two weeks we spent there I experienced an overwhelming feeling that I had the good fortune to have 'gone home' for my great and great, great grandfathers and in a sense like I was home as well. When we got back to the states I commenced learning the Irish Pub tunes and of all the music I've played in my life, none warms the cockles of me heart like that of the Irish!   My contribution to the music found herein is:   lead & backing vocals, guitar, keys, bodhran, recording, mixing, engineering, musical arrangements, mastering and production.   CD production of  front, back, interior & booklet digital graphics and layouts design & printing are by himself as well.

   Jackie Blanchard  Music has always been a part of my life. Growing up in Hillsboro, OR at the age of 10, I was very impressed when the local high school band came to play at my school. It was then that I asked my parents if I could learn to play the flute. My eight years in band were a lot of fun but hard work as well, that allowed me to go on two fun-filled band trips to play in the Pasadena Rose Parade  and a concert commemorating the bicentennial of the signing of the US Constitution in Philadelphia.  Although I didn't play for a number of years after high school, I never lost my passion for music. Then in the mid nineties, I picked up the tin whistle while at the Milwaukee Irish Festival with John and Dee. My love of Irish music grew as I played the whistle and flute with John at every chance. Then on St. Patrick's Day 2000 I joined John on stage, and continued for several years afterwards. In 2006 we reunited in song again to play a friend's engagement party and from there began these recordings. I love playing classic rock tunes but the Irish stories set to music, and being a part of telling them, will always have a special place in my heart.
Thanks to John for your work on these recordings and this web site, to John’s wife Dee, my husband Kell and all of our friends and family for your years of support in our musical endeavors, and to Jill & Greg Scott in reuniting us with your engagement party.